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IN PERSON and ZOOM. Aspen, Colorado. Entire series of 4 classes. TUESDAYS FEBRUARY 2023, 2PM MST. This course is for anyone who has a desire to write. No experience necessary. This course will provide examples from other writers, writing prompts, as well as supportive and constructive feedback. This will be a safe space to write a 'portrait' of a character, whether this is you, a facet of you, you of another time, or any other character that needs to be brought to life. We will examine the desires, attitudes and expectations of this individual, and how those may be colored by circumstance, pressure, place and time, and more pressure!

Examining Character: The arc and depth of development. In person/&zoom. Series.

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  • Four Part Writing Course

  • 100% refund after first class in series if you are not satisfied. After the first class in the series has been completed and you opt to stay, no further refunds will be granted. 

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