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We are our best sources of information. Writers are traditionally taught to 'write what we know.' Our sensory perceptions of any moment are valid, authentic and unique. This program will delve into the mysterious parts that don't seem to ever go away. This is a safe place where we will write our stories, notice that they happened in another time, another place, and we will regard them from angles we may have never seen before. Then we will rewrite them, maybe again and again. The narrative has a magical way of transforming, evolving and growing through this process.  We end up with a piece of art, unique to only the writer.

One on One Writing developement

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  • Online or in person, this course can be catered to your specific needs. We can create a package, series as well as prompts and guidelines that will best suite your writing needs. Base price is per one hour session.

  • Once the first class is completed, no refunds will be provided.

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