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Change is inevitable, and sometimes we are more aware of the potential it offers us for growth, and sometimes we are too caught up in the hurt, the chaos, or the unsettling of it, to notice. Often, when change occurs it is out of our control, but what we can learn is to manage our ability to ride the upheaval, and ideally, resurface with grace. I would like to aknowlege a handfull of women who have not only risen above in times of challenge, but are also leading as examples and teachers to others to promote the beautiful and positive ability for growth we all have inside. In addition to all of the writers out there, many of whom are mentioned on my read page, I would like to honor, in no particular order, these women so in tune with growth, empowerment and change: Betinna Maureenji who is a musician and voice empowerment coach, Ashley Jones, love and intimacy embodiment coach with, Angela Marie Patnode and her e book From Anxiety to Peace, Anya Patton with Patton Therapy, who is a licenced Counsellor in Hood River and a dear friend, Callie Stolz who began a beautiful wellness center , Molly Caro May and her writing workshops, Alex Omania, an all around force of nature who owns the restraurant The Lotus pad , and Laura Lentz who owns the writers workshop platform There are so many others and these ladies have just shown great inspiration in my personal world lately. I learn from them and want to sincerely thank them for being the change.


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