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Free first of four Writing Course, in person and online. Tuesday, 2.7.23 2pm MST Aspen Co

Examining Character: The arc and depth of development

~Four Tuesdays in February, at 2pm MST, 2023 held at the Red Brick Center For the Arts, Aspen Colorado, in the Conference room. Please bring paper and a pen, and YOU! No experience necessary. All genres of writing welcome.

Class Outline:

Introduction and Orienting to Character, Readings by authors and poets, Short Warm up Writes, One Long Write,

Readings and supportive critique by choice and if time allows.

~The first class is free. Please show up! To find out more please visit the ‘offerings’ at

ZOOM link will be provided for those who cannot attend in person-please sign up online or request the zoom link:


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