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Writing about fears...the greatests fears...Come up with the story of the fish on the boat: full of life and color, thrashing on the cockpit floor. But the gills open only to suck in dry air that drowns the life from it, leaving it still and grey. My dad pushed the envelope to feel life. Out on the ocean for days with no land in sight. Ultimateley forcing all on the boat to feel the thrill of being alive in over-the-mast high waves, darkness with 60 knot winds, days of boredom and heat. He felt god here, taught me to feel life here. Mikey gut the faded tuna and out slid its heart like a jewell. He raised it, still beating, in the palm of his hand, to my dad. "life force," he said, with a grin on his face. But we realize that the human body has limits. I am most afraid when I know what these limits are, not when I am testing them and am still guided by the bliss of ignorance.



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