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Slated to publish in 2022, The Shell and the Octopus, a Novel of 70,000 words based on my own experiences, is about a young girl who circumnavigates the world on a thirty foot sailboat with her father who loves adventure, woman and extremes. She befriends ‘working girls’ as they are often the only other females present in the bars around the world that her dad drags her into. They get arrested in Cuba. They spend weeks at a time on the open ocean surviving storms and visiting uncharted Islands and native villages. On the boat she is placed in dangerous situations with men and nature, but through the beauty she experiences, and through reading literature, she is inspired to continue her education, begin a career, live in a real home, and begin a family of her own. Once she finally gets away from the boat and embarks upon her new dream, her father dies in a tragic accident and she must abandon her plan and return to her old life to sift through the mess and magic her father has left behind.

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