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Writing Prompt 1

Remember something. Something that took your breath away, something that sticks to your guts. Describe what it feels like inside you. DESCRIBE (dont tell) what time of day it is, how old you are, who you are with, where you are. (5min Freewrite)

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Girrrrrrrrl.....I was triggered breathless on sailboat, flashback Cattle Creek 1981. Last month the Hawaiin DLNR police came for us with Harbor Master in their green suits and guns, they were coming aboard to inspect. I was terrified, panicky and disobeyed orders (to not say anything by shouting) "I am quarantining on this boat!".... they pushed off with their combat boots, scared too, they thanked us for the cooperation and left. I thought of you :) Phew!


Crossing the abyss .... the sky is filled with smoke ... there is no horizon. Glancing at my feet defines the earth. Which way? If this were the ocean it would not matter if one were in it or on it.



It's early morning and already steamy in the tropical sun. I'm barefoot on the thick grass heading down to the lagoon to gather sea grass for a curry. I notice a slight movement to my left, and quickly look over, and freeze. Coming towards me is long-necked, five foot body, of a giant lizard with huge claws and a thorn on its tail. It moves closer, stops, then shoots it's slithering tongue out of its mouth. I stay still, watching him as he watches me. After a long time he drags himself to the sandy edge and glides his big body into the cool water.


eyes flutter open....Ahhh one pain free breath before the dull throbbing begins. Maneuvering gingerly, rolling to the left, then urging these legs to the corner of the bed to plop onto the bare floor, my mind considers the best way to push my body up to an upright position. Slow by slow... Victorious! Now to stand up straight making certain the balance is centered so that the walk to the bathroom is safe. The night light shows the way. Holding on to the newly installed wooden bars makes possible a safe passage to the seat of the throne. Looking out the window from my perch a faint glow catches my attention. It grows brighter as it rises into a magnifice…



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