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Working on short stories, submitting short stories, and a completed manuscript.

Looking for an agent for my book, 'The Voyage of Steppenwolf," which tells the true story of Charlie, who in the 1970's skirts the law on land and at sea, until an oversight lands him in Changi Prison. When I was a child, Charlie lived with us in our house, and on our sailboat. His stories of pirates, typhoons and gun running, prisons and railroad work, filtered down to me as a backdrop to which I never paid much attention—until my dad passed away, and Charlie was not around so much. It was then that I realized that Charlie's experiences seemed unique, and that he greatly influenced my family, and my life growing up on a sailboat. With this realization, I begged him to recount his story so I could fill in the blanks of my own life and understand what choices lead to such a life of adventure.

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