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Politics and Common Ground

Lets be Pollyanna and pretend we have a democracy in which the people elect officials that represent our common ground views. This might mean that we actually trust that our constitution will be upheld and our freedom will be respected. So lets just dive in to abortion and arms control.

On a macro level, no matter who we elect, do we really think that our position will not be represented? There may be some restrictions, because otherwise it would be anarchy. Why can’t we have abortions and weapons with guidelines? If our ability to choose to have an abortion gets eliminated, or if our ability to choose to own a weapon gets shot down, who is to say that something else we believe in might be put on the chopping block because of autocratic measures.

On a micro level, do we need to own an assault rifle? Do we need to have an abortion like we need a pint of ice cream? Why or why not? Does our employee whom we had to furlough because of Covid need to buy five rifles? Does our son's girlfriend need an abortion because they made love for the first time but they both want to go to college (even if online? Changing diapers on Zoom might be an added stress)? Does her dad need a weapon?

Why can’t we pay attention to the trillions of issues that are important to our society and learn who will best represent us as a whole, instead of vote out of fear that our right to buy a gun or get an abortion, on a whim, will be forever snuffed out.

Lets investigate our values. We all, hopefully, take stances because we think our passionate beliefs uphold morals that would help strengthen our society as a whole. Do fear based reactions, or do loving, well informed, decisions, usually create more stability and understanding?

Do we want a democratic leader who has a history of morals and actions and behaviour that we are proud of, want to emulate, want our children to be subject to no matter what side of the coin they are on? Or, there is an alternative, autocratic, elitist option in which manipulation of our sentimental passions are utilized to create financial, racial, social and overall divide.

Of course no one is perfect, so how can we make choices that lead to common ground?

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Assault Riffle???

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