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What if?

I actually have not liked this question. Because, I like answers based on evidence, fact, ‘what is.’ However, lets practice looking at things from different angles, lets investigate ‘what if,’ and how this could be a positive question.

Our approach may be a way of looking at what has actually happened, and how things might look if different choices were made, so as to apply this perspective to present and future actions with a goal to make a better world.

For example, we may look at, “what if the electric motor prevailed over the gas engine?” How might our world be different? How might the wars and land disputes and mass genocides and arms trades, not to mention pollution and global warming, have been different? Looking forward, we have Tesla moving forward at full speed with electric cars and we have more of a choice in how we proceed. How might this affect our world moving forward?

On a personal note, we may ask, what if I chose to have the relationship, health, business, life, home, etc…I have always dreamed of? Maybe you do, maybe you feel things could be better. And maybe there are parts that are stuck. If we write what we really want, and how that feels, so we can focus our attention on manifesting, we can be that dream.

Five minute write: What if I had/lived/loved/etc…the _______of my dreams?


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